About Me

Hello my name is Christine Sharp and welcome to my Wedding Celebrant Site. This site has been setup to assist with the planning of your wedding, Naming / Christening, re-affirmation or funeral service. I have been happily working as a full-time celebrant since 2007. With all my time devoted to my clients I believe that I can provide the best possible service for your ceremony.

There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.


The Service

I perform a number of civil services and happy to take time out to perform special ceremonies such as beach weddings and anything that you can imagine. I find that many clients end up returning to use my services as they move through their lives from marriage to starting a family with baby naming ceremonies and later in life they return to show their love through a renewal of vows ceremony. It would be an honour to help you create a unique ceremony just for your special event, I can assure you of full control and together we can plan a memorable occasion. Based in Noosa, I am available to conduct services all over the Sunshine Coast.

If you just want to talk to me about your ceremony call me on 07 5455 6463, 0418 738 046 or email me on the link below.

Baby Namings

Baby names are one of the Rite of Passage ceremony held by nearly all societies to observe a person's entry into a new stage of life. Rites of passage note such occasions as birth, graduation, or marriage. Most rites help people understand and accept their new roles in society.


Re-affirmation or renewal of vows ceremonies are also suitable for married couples, who, after separation, are seriously re-united. Some have also felt the need for such a ceremony, when their original wedding ceremony, for one reason or another, was meaningless to them. The third and most common reason is to re-affirm the marriage on the occasion of an anniversary.